Harbin Institute of Technology FSAE racing team, whose English named is HIT Racing Team (HRT), was founded in November 2009, which is an international team specially set up to participate in the global competition FSAE in Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai)


The concept is based on a virtual factory production, design and manufacture of a small target is similar to standard formula racing, racing in the requirements of accelerating and braking control, have excellent performance and stable enough durability.


Electric racing goal is in the promotion of clean energy vehicles, the concept of sustainable development, and promote the relevant battery, motor, transmission, electronic control, fast charging technology, security and other aspects of the technological progress.


Baja car is able to adapt to the complex conditions of all terrain car, complex driving environment requirements for vehicles with high safety and good trafficability. Through the design and development of Baja car, promote the body frame, suspension, in-depth study of vehicle safety etc..


With more advanced smart sensors, the implementation of rapid response, high performance CPU, advanced control strategy, computer network technology, artificial intelligence technology,radar technology, the third generation mobile communication technology in a wide range of automotive applications, intelligent vehicles have been from the concept into the product.

School Profile

Harbin Institute of Technology, under the Ministry of industry, is one of the first to enter the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" of the construction of a number of universities. Schools to "strict standard, Kung Fu home" as the school motto, with simple rigorous study, cultivating a large number of outstanding talents, to the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of innovation to create a fruitful achievements in scientific research

Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) as an important part of "three zone" one school, inherited the fine tradition of Harbin Institute of technology. Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) is committed to building development and hit to adapt the first-class university campus.


Institute Profile

Harbin Institute of Technology automotive engineering college was established in 1988,.In 1996, after the approval of the former State Board of education, the overall relocation of Automotive Engineering Institute to Weihai, Shandong.

The cultivation of comprehensive quality of college students has always attached great importance to the attention in the teaching of combining theory and practice and innovation ability of college students, in international competition, domestic car contest and students 3D digital modeli


Team Profile

Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) college HIT racing team was established in 2009 has been eight years, adhering to the "strict specifications of Harbin Institute of technology, Kung Fu home" motto, adhere to the "build good car to win", has become a national leading innovation team.

The HRT team consists of HRT engine racing, HRT electric racing team , Baja HRT racing team and HRT driverless racing teaam , the success of independent design and manufacture of thirteen cars , three cars in the formula student racing in Baja and one car in FSAC. The team participated in the Chinese, Germany , Japan and USA as well as the world's top national competition, and achieved excellent results. During the seven years, the cumulative gain of high-speed car design, obstacle avoidance, ANSYS design and lightweight design of the first at home and abroad 96 awards, and won the award the most Chinese team.

Let's start!

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